The State of SEO and the Art of Doing

By Eric Gruboy
Published 05/23/19
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I remember when I got into SEO, admittedly, I was overwhelmed with the influx of information I took in at a rapidly fast pace because a) I needed to learn such information fairly quickly and b) I was left with questions that I needed to find answers to in order to satiate the burning and questioning synapses in my mind.

With search engine optimization being so broad and it falling under the digital marketing umbrella, this made for a lot of long nights for a person such as myself who has self-diagnosed himself with OCD^2.

So unfortunately I had no choice as my brain yearned for information and so I pummeled into Google’s archives reading blog after blog and watching one youtube after another.

It’s interesting though how the more you keep doing something the more your mind builds this neurological pathway where you begin to know with instant clarification what needs to be done and how to go about doing it.

Sure it helps to have little notes saved here and there in your stickies and notes pad on your desktop but the act of doing, especially certain tasks performed over and over again, builds this repetitive memory that facilitates greater processes for a better workflow experience.

For any one that has read Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book “Flow”, you might relate to this magical state as being in the moment while immersed within the state of doing.

And this I believe is one of the perfect states of being.

The state of doing.

It is the point where one is at peace with their work being performed and the actions of such work being performed places one into an optimal state.

This isn’t a focused concentration where you just happen to be set on your work deliberately, it’s rather a flow state where everything is happening and you don’t have a choice in that happening besides accepting it for what it is and being thankful for having the ability to experience such a transient state.

That’s the flow state, the state of doing and as a digital marketer, I would like to pay homage to the many pixels that I’ve gandered on my screen because when I am in this state boy do these icons on my screen look so amazing.

But I guess that’s just me writing in the flow state while considering how grand it all can be.

And grand it can be.

This leads me to the point that I would like to make and that is, there is tons of information that is available
on-line for anyone’s perusal but I would like to suggest that one should find a balance between the information they harness and the time equated into doing and learning on one’s own accord.

Because I believe that in doing there is more learning to be attained than from just learning from others, and that is why I am suggesting that the act of doing should be implemented more with the function of learning.

Doing, however, is not easy.

There are many ups and downs that will prevent you from doing.

Being tired. That’s one.

Being lazy. That’s another and even though on the surface it might seem similar to being tired, they are actually two different things.

One is based on the body and mind running on an energy deficit whereas the other is just an undisciplined way of using one’s energy.

There’s many other factors that come into play such as being unmotivated. This one little antagonist can strip you of all your desire to do something as internally one may say to themselves that they just don’t feel like doing that thing that they know they should be doing.

People go on with their lives waiting for that perfect feeling that they imagine would come and enable them to do that thing that they knew they wanted to do but because of the emotion not being there they just didn’t go for it.

That leads me to another thing I want to touch on.

Doing is not the state of wanting to do something or feeling it and that’s the reason why you then did it or the state of knowing how to do something and so then you go ahead and do that thing.


The state of doing supersedes all those things that I just outlined.

Doing is just that, doing. You either do the damn thing or you don’t.

Everything else is irrelevant before you start doing.

Not feeling it. Doesn’t matter.

You don’t know how to do something. Doesn’t matter.

You’re tired. Doesn’t matter.

All these things are states of their own being.

The objective is to move out of these states.

The only way to do that is by doing.

Not feeling it. Just do it. You’ll start feeling it. The feeling comes after the doing. The more you do something the better you’ll get.

You don’t know how to do something. Start doing. You’ll figure it out. You can’t figure something out by not doing. The answers will come to you when you start looking for them.

You’re tired all the time. You’re tired all the time because you’re directing your energy to things that are not meaningful for you. Start using your brain for the things that matter to you. Maybe then you’ll wake up.

The brain is a physical organ and in order for it to work you need to start using it properly. Once you start using it to a certain capacity it becomes quite hard to go to sleep, hence, you not being tired any longer. Put your brain muscle into use for the things that matter to you and feel more awake.

I’ve been there where I’ve been swamped of energy and not knowing which direction the arrow in my compass is pointing to.

I’ll be honest I’m still figuring things out.

But the one thing that I’ve figured out is that the more you are doing the more you will figure things out.

And so the more I have been dedicating myself to my craft, the more I have been experiencing this matrix like, Arnold Schwarzenegger like, total recall, where I just want to do and do more.

The bottom line is this.

There is way too much stuff to know in search engine optimization, but the more you learn and the more you actually do things for SEO, the more you will become proficient and knowledgeable.

There is knowing in doing SEO.

Be like Nike. Just do it.

Eric Gruboy
Founder of Lightwalker.media
Eric Gruboy combines a multi-disciplinary approach to digital marketing with hands on experience centered around design.

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