Why Attorneys Should Focus On Digital Marketing to Grow Their Business

By Eric Gruboy
Published 02/10/20

Today, 38% of people in need of an attorney turn to the internet for an initial search, according to the ABA Journal. Legal matters seem quite daunting to those without a degree in law, so people will not just be looking for an attorney to represent them, but for expert advice too.

So, what is the image you present to 38% of these people when they look for an attorney online?

Marketing your law firm ineffectively or failing to create a digital marketing strategy altogether can make the difference between turning that percentage of people looking for legal services into extra revenue or the loss thereof.

A digital marketing strategy can help you increase your firm’s visibility online, build trust and authority. If these numbers haven’t convinced you yet of the importance of taking your legal business online, here are a few more reasons.

Other Attorneys Are Already Using Digital Marketing

Just because you may still believe that the business of law is only for the world that is not connected to the internet, that doesn’t mean your competition agrees. With an overwhelming  80% of the American population turning to the internet for the search of local business, digital marketing seems like the best tool you could invest in if you want your client list and revenue to continue growing.

When it comes to legal marketing, it's imperative that you put yourself out there, since the first firm the client contacts is usually also the one that they go with. So not investing in your digital presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing means that all those calls are going to your competition instead of you.

Start increasing your online visibility by investing in search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), which in turn will help attract more leads:

SEO is a set of digital marketing practices that will help your website organically rank higher in search results. To get long-term visibility and build trust among prospects, you need to look at it as a way of presenting your firm as a solution to the client, a source of information and services the prospect is looking for.

PPC can help you speed up the gradual SEO process, but it may also be a costlier tool. With PPC, you pay to have your website featured at the top of the search results pages, leading to a massive increase in your firm's visibility online.

A Well Designed Legal Website Is the Second Key to Digital Marketing

Once you’ve tackled the first step and potential clients can now find you, your time to leave them a lasting impression is limited, 15 seconds, to be more exact.

Yes, you have 15 seconds from the moment a potential client finds your website and until they decide if it’s what they’re looking for or not.

In that limited and very short time, visitors expect to find a professionally designed website that is attractive, well-maintained, easy to navigate, and overall appealing.

It is fundamental to have a website that can be navigated from any device, is intuitive, and full of useful information.

Valuable Content Will Help You Become a Trust Worthy Attorney On-line

Having an online presence shouldn’t just be about “selling” your services and putting your name out there, but primarily about creating value.

One of the best ways to do so is by offering legal information through content that will help people find the answers they need.

Content comes in many forms and sizes, some of the most popular including blog posts, ebooks, infographics, podcasts, videos, social media posts, and newsletters. High-quality content needs to be very well researched, well written, and helpful, to inspire trust and help build confidence among people reading or watching it.

Your website’s organic rankings and visibility in search engines can also benefit from the creation of helpful, consistent content. Combining valuable, relevant content with SEO tactics, and PPC campaigns will help you tackle the digital world, and build authority for your legal firm.

It’s essential to keep in mind that digital marketing tactics take time to be implemented.

The process can be made a lot easier and more streamlined with a knowledgeable digital marketing partner.

At Lightwalker.media, we let our clients do what they do best in their field of expertise while we do what we do best, help them build a solid digital presence, visibility, and authority, which in turn will generate more leads.

Your business will start seeing more clients, more cases, and an increase in revenue.

Eric Gruboy
Founder of Lightwalker.media
Eric Gruboy combines a multi-disciplinary approach to digital marketing with hands on experience centered around design.

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